The following is a non-exhaustive list of the works of Dhoruba Bin Wahad.


Dhoruba al-Mujahid bin Wahad, Mumia Abu-Jamal & Assata Shakur (1993). Still Black, Still Strong. (an excerpt from Mr. Wahad’s book, Still Black, Still Strong, Toward Rethinking Self-Defense in a Racist Culture: Black Survival in a United States in Transition)


Dhoruba al-Mujahid Bin-Wahad (2005). “The Ethics Of Black Atonement In Racist America: The Execution Of Stanley Tookie Williams”. 4StruggleMag.

Dhoruba al-Mujahid Bin-Wahad (2013). “Assata Shakur, Excluding the Nightmare After the Dream”. I Mix What I Like.


Hip-Hop Fridays: COINTELPRO – The Untold American Story (Part 1)

Hip-Hop Fridays: COINTELPRO – The Untold American Story (Part 2)

Dhoruba Bin Wahad: What Do We Do Now that Barack Obama is Re-Elected?

Former Panther & Political Prisoner Dhoruba Bin Wahad Speaks on Manning Verdict


(gathered from Wikipedia)