“Justice is for the living ’cause Nobody gets out this Life alive”

Justice is for the living

“Many, Many, Many Men wish death on me”.. most of em, are dearly departed now. We were the Last of the Loud – but no more Shoutin’ now Cause God ain’t Deaf. It’s the Powerful among us who are deaf, so no more Crying on TV, Moaning and Groanin’ bout how White Folks don’t value our Lives and mobilizing a Movement led by Victimhood that claims the Dead need Justice. Justice is for the Living ’cause Nobody gets out this Life alive. That’s why most of the families of Black victims of racist law enforcement only get money settlements and Justice eludes the Black Community. Justice is for the masses of the living. So ultimately a people, any people. must decide for themselves whether it’s Freedom for Everybody – or Grief for Everybody. True Democracy and Self-determination can peacefully blossom, but seldom in history has that been the case. Seldom in history has there been a peaceful revolution of values and fortune without first a democratic distribution of the pain. So if this Generation truly believe their lives matter what’s the hold up? So just like back in the day, if you looked for me in the Whirlwind – you’d wouldn’t find a victim….cause nobody get’s out of this Life alive and it’s in the Whirlwind of Struggle we are truly “Citizens” – Not Victims.